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At New Alliance, we are creating a better future.


Talents are at the heart of New Alliance’s growth. We value every employee as a family member and advocate for his or her life-long learning. At New Alliance, a multi-level talents cultivation system is in place to improve our employees’ professional qualities, expertise and broaden their vision. We aim to create an environment where every employee can grow and thrive.  Here at New Alliance we hope to grow with our employees and realize our common goals. 

We advocate for dedication and commitment to our responsibility and believe that benefiting others is the only way to help ourselves grow. 

We embrace challenges and navigate the clear path forward in the clamorous and uncertain world guided by our conviction and belief.  

The future is better than you think.

We are always positive about the bright future, as quoted from the book Abundance, “The future is better than you think.”

At New Alliance, we are creating a better future.

Comprehensive employee benefits

Social Insurance and Housing Fund


Endowment Insurance | Medical Insurance| Maternity Insurance | Unemployment Insurance | Employment Injury Insurance| Housing fund

Paid Leave


Public Holidays | Annual Leave | Marriage Leave | Mourning Leave | Maternity Leave |Prenatal Check-up Leave | Breast-feeding Leave etc.

Health Care


Health Kit |Healthy Afternoon Tea

健康小药箱 |健康下午茶等

Life and Festival Care


Birthday Welfare | Festival Gift | Festival Activities



Team Building Activities  Annual Party