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New Alliance Strategy

New Alliance  Strategy


As a professional service provider, New Alliance is dedicated to enabling its clients to move up their value chains with comprehensive services of consulting, resources and innovation featuring three business units including business consulting, ecological cooperation, and public relations management. 

Business Consulting

New Alliance leverages its political, business and academic resources to build cross-industry dialogue platforms of areas such as business model innovation, scientific and technological innovation, cultural arts and philanthropy where experts are brought together to exchange ideas, share insights into forward-looking topics, and map out the strategic blueprint of development. As such, we offer business consulting service with high added-value to companies’decision-makers, incentivizing businesses to innovate and leap forward.

-New Alliance Classroom: Keep clients informed on forward-looking technological development trends to help them improve their industry awareness.

-Industry White Paper: With 20 years of consulting service experience and brand value, as well as the strengths of resources in politics, business and academia, we at New Alliance provide clients with strategic business consulting services such as industry research and feasibility study reports to empower enterprises’ development.

New Alliance
New Alliance

Eco-system Cooperation

Key roles such as scientists, investors, industry experts and policy experts, etc., are brought together to help build the innovative ecosystem of production, research and learning for universities, scientific research institutes, market-oriented investment institutions, and leading enterprises. We can expand our clients’ social networks and build a close connection between high quality cross-industry resources for cooperation to enable enterprises’development. 

Public Relations Management

New Alliance provides solutions for brand strategy consulting and development, overall corporate image and communication, large-scale PR marketing event and activity planning, corporate reputation and crisis PR management, etc. with a strong track record of professional and efficient team, proven experience, advanced communication strategy and marketing resources.  It aims to help enterprises and stakeholders move up the value chain and realize value with comprehensive services of “consulting + resources + innovation".

-Brand strategy consulting and development
-Overall corporate image and communication 
-Large-scale PR marketing events and activities planning
-Corporate reputation and crisis PR management
-News and media communication

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