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After two decades of development guided by its business philosophy---“Think Global and Act Local”--- New Alliance has brought business consulting, ecological cooperation and public relations management services to the internet, finance, FMCG and logistics industries. By promoting the integration of innovative ideas, creating an excellent business ecology, connecting business and academic cross-border resources, New Alliance is dedicated to enabling its clients to move up their value chains with comprehensive services of consulting, resources and innovation.


It worked with the first group of people with lofty ideals from Chinese Internet investment industry to found the Future Forum, which aimed to promote the integration of industry, academia, research, capital and government and the development of popular science. Through this non-profit platform for dreams of humanity to change the world with science and technology, we can see that the elites are working on creating a new world and making a huge difference in the world.

New Alliance
New Alliance


New Alliance served over 50 clients in the financial sector both at home and abroad, covering the whole financial chain, including banks, insurance, brokerages, trusts, private equity funds, AMCs, financial leasing, financial guarantees, accounting firms, etc. Based on an in-depth understanding of China's policies, economic trends and public interest, we creatively integrated resources and customized brand strategy consulting, media communication management, crisis management and other services for many well-known clients to help Chinese financial brands go global, and foreign brands expand their presence in China. It also set up high-level dialogue platforms for governments, business and academia in related countries and grew into a communication consulting firm with the financial sector as its core.


New Alliance was founded to hold the first "Boao Forum for Asia" with the core objective of building an "international brand communication group." It established dialogue platforms for political, business and academic communities around the world to make predictions and develop strategies in economic, political, social, cultural and technological fields. These efforts paved the way for New Alliance's growth and development, helping it earn a renowned reputation in the industry.

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